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AL Jizzi Transformers And Switchgears Co. LLC (AJTS) was established in 1997. Our manufacturing facility is located in Maabella, Sultanate of Oman. We are on the Approved list of Utilities, Consultants, Contractors, Industries, Oil and Gas Companies. (HP)

Our product range includes Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers to Customer requirements. (HP)

AJTS has set up a complete quality management system to offer the best customer satisfaction. We give utmost importance to quality in engineering, in manufacturing, in sales and in services. All transformers are subjected to all routine tests in our sophisticated laboratory in factory confirming to latest national and international standard specifications. Tests are intended for use for the validation of design and the basis for performance, safety, and reliability of the transformers. (HP)

Our transformers are designed and tested to comply with International standards as:

IEC 60076
BS 171
IEC 61330
NEN 2761
ANSI C57 Series
IEC 60439
BS 5486

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